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Product sort orders

When viewers look at your category pages, products are set to display in a particular order. You can change the order that products appear on these pages by setting the 'sort order' for each product.

5 Different sort orders are available:

Product Name (A to Z)
Product Name (Z to A)
Price (Low to High)
Price (High to Low)
Manual (i.e. set by you)

You can change the order your products are shown in by clicking 'products' from the left hand menu and then using the drop down list shown in the top right of the table.

When you click here a list will appear with all the sort orders available.

Click the sort order you want to use and check your website to make sure the change has been applied.

Manual sort orders

Selecting 'manual' from the list allows you to manually set the order in which products appear.

Note: You can use the 'view products in category' drop down to assist you in arranging the products individually for each category on your website.

Please Note!

Please Note: The 'sort order' column described below will only appear if the sort order of your products is set to 'manual'.

1. When you select 'manual' a new column will appear in the table headed 'sort order'.

2. Using this column you can enter a number for each product in the table.

You just need to click the + icon (or if there is already a number then click the number) and then enter the sort order number in the box.

3. Once you've edited the number just click anywhere else on the page and the order will be set (you don't need to click a 'save changes' button or anything).

The lower the number is set for a product the higher it will appear in results.

For example if a product's number if set as '1' then it will appear above all other products.

4. In the above example the products would appear, on the front end website, in the order

August Snakeskin Sandal
Brent stretch-leather skirt
Benjamin Hooded Parka
Benjamin Hooded Park II
Atlantide Python Print High-Top Sneaker

5. To remove the sort order for a product just delete the number.

6. Any products that don't have a sort order will be displayed after any products that do have a number set, and they will appear in alphabetical order

7. If products share the same number they will appear in alphabetical order.

Sort orders are updated immediately on your website.

If you need assistance with sort orders please contact us.