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Inter account stock sync

Use the inter account stock sync app to automatically sync stock levels for products (and their variations) between ShopWired accounts.

• How the app works
• App setup
• Initial stock sync

How the app works

First, decide which of your accounts is the master account and which is the replica account. The master account is used to manage the stock levels for products as the central ‘hub’ for stock control. The replica account will automatically receive stock level updates from the master account.

To start syncing stock levels you will need to install the app on the master account. To install the app select APPs > Available APPs from the menu. Find and select the ‘Inter Account Stock Sync’ app and select INSTALL THIS APP. The app does not need to be installed on the replica account.

Stock levels change within the replica account when:

  • A product’s stock level has been edited on the master account
  • The stock levels on the stock management page are edited on the master account
  • The stock levels have been changed on the master account through the stock import system
  • An order is placed through the master account’s website or admin system


Currently, the product import system cannot be used in conjunction with this app. While updating stock through the product import system on the master account will work to change the stock on the master account, those stock changes will not sync to the replica account. Instead, please change stock on the master account either directly on the product's page, through the stock management page or through the stock import system.

Stock levels change within the master account whenever:

  • An order is placed through the replica account’s website or admin system

On average, stock levels are synced every 15 minutes.

App setup

To sync the accounts you will need the API credentials (API key, API secret and webhook secret) of each replica account that you want to sync stock levels with. To obtain the ‘API Key’ and the ‘API Secret’ for an account select Your Account > Account Settings from the menu and find the ‘API Access’ section:

The ‘Webhook Secret’ can be found by selecting Your Account > Webhooks from the menu. The webhook secret is found at the top of the page:

Once you have the API credentials for each replica account enter them in your master account in the 'Inter Account Stock Sync' page which can be found by selecting APPs > Inter Account Stock Sync from the menu. In the ‘Replica Accounts’ section enter the API credentials:

Select add a new replica account as many times as you need to keep adding accounts.

Once you have finished adding accounts select save changes.

Initial stock sync

To perform an initial stock sync between your master and replica accounts you will need to upload a file to the replica account which contains the current stock levels on the master account. To do this open the master account and access the stock management page by selecting Products > Manage Stock from the menu.

Ensure that your stock levels are correct for your products and then select Export in the top right corner:

In the box that appears, select prepare your export, and once the file is ready to download, select download your export. A CSV file will then be downloaded to your computer's files.

Next, navigate to the replica account and access the stock management page. In the top right corner select Import:

In the box that appears, select Choose file and find and attach the previously exported file from your computer's files. Then select import. Once the import is completed, check that the stock levels on your replica account now match the stock levels on your master account.