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Creating percentage bulk discounts across a range of products

To create a new bulk discount on your website that will apply across multiple purchases of a range of products please follow the instructions below.

1. Select 'B2B' from the left hand menu and then 'bulk order discounts'.

You can use the form at the top of the page to create the discount.

2. First select the type of product that the discount will apply to from the drop down list.

a) All Products
The discount will apply to multiple purchases of any product (even if purchasing over a range of different products)

b) Product Category
The discount will only apply to products purchased from the same category (which you select).

c) Brand/Manufacturer
The discount will only apply to products purchased from the same brand/manufacturer (which you select).

d) Individual Product
The discount will only apply to purchases of the same product (which you select).

e) Multiple Purchases Of The Same Product
The discount will apply to multiple purchases of the same product (any product on your store).

If you chose options B, C or D you'll need to select the appropriate item from the drop down list.

3. Next enter the percentage discount that you'll offer for the quantity purchased.

4. Finally enter the quantity required to obtain the discount.

Quantities can be a range, like 2-4 (two to four) or can be a minimum amount like 2+ (two or more).

e.g. if the customer needs to buy more than 5 items then you'd enter '5+'

5. You should now have something that looks like the above.

Click the 'create discount' button when you have finished.

Multiple bulk discounts

You can create as many discounts on your website as you like. This means that you can set different discounts for different quantities, e.g.

Quantity % Discount
5 - 10 5%
11 - 20 7%
21 - 49 8.5%
50+ 10%

But you need to create separate bulk discounts for each discount (as shown on the example below).

Please Note!

If creating multiple discounts you'll have to specify your ranges like shown in the table above.

If you use a formula like...

Quantity % Discount
2+ 5%
4+ 7.5%
10+ 15%

it will not work!

Managing & editing bulk discounts

Once you have created a bulk discount it will appear in the table at the bottom of the page.

Delete a discount
To delete a discount click the delete icon and confirm you want to delete it.

Deactivate/activate a discount
Active discounts will have a tick in the 'active' tick box. If you want to temporarily deactivate a discount then un-tick the box.

Edit a discount
Click the 'edit' link for the discount that you'd like to edit. A form will then appear beneath, the same as the 'create discount' form you used to create the discount.

Make the changes you want to make and click the 'save changes' button when you are finished.