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Connecting your MailChimp account and your website

Before you begin, you'll need a MailChimp account. If you don't already have a MailChimp account you can create one here.

Once you've got a MailChimp account you'll be able to link it your website. Whenever a customer creates an account on your website or a visitor places an order, their details will automatically be placed in a subscriber list for you to send email marketing to them.

MailChimp organises subscribers into 'lists'. MailChimp have a help guide on how to create and manage lists within your MailChimp account which you can read here.

Once you've created your lists you're ready to begin.

1. Click 'settings' from the left menu in your account and then 'mailchimp'.

2. Click the 'authenticate' button and you'll be transferred to the MailChimp website to login to your account and grant us access through their API.

3. Once you login you'll be returned back to our site to setup the link.

4. There are 3 instances in which an action on your website will populate a subscriber list in MailChimp:

i) When a customer creates a new account
ii) When a visitor places an order
iii) When a visitor applies for a trade account (this will only be available if you have the trade accounts feature enabled in your account)

5. You'll need to select a MailChimp list from the drop down for each of these scenarios by clicking on the drop down.

6. If you've recently created a list then you can click the refresh icon

7. We will only subscribe a visitor to a list if they click the marketing box on your website (as shown on the screenshot below).

However you can also choose to send your visitors an email from MailChimp asking them to confirm their subscription to your list. To do this tick the box shown on the screenshot below.

8. Once you've finished click the save changes button at the bottom of the page. Please note that this process will not link up the newsletter form on your website. To do this you must follow the instructions in this help guide.