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Cancelling an order

If you want to cancel an order that has been placed or that you have created there are two ways to do this. Either way your first step will be to select Orders > View Orders from the menu.

• Option 1
• Option 2

Option 1

Use the tick box on the left of the screen next to the order number to select the order you wish to cancel:

Next, select Update in the top right of the screen:

Choose ‘Cancelled’ from the choices:

Another window will then pop up allowing you to send an email to the customer to tell them of the change of status to their order. Select the tick box to choose to send the email, and select update to complete the process:

Option 2

Select an order by clicking on the ID number, the date, the customer name or the View button. This will allow you to see all available options for the order.

Find the 'Status' part of the ‘Order Management' section:

Select ‘Cancelled’ from the dropdown list:

To send an email to the customer about the update select the tick box next to 'Send an auto-email to customer regarding the update':

Finally, click the save changes button, which will complete the cancelling of the order: