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Processing orders in bulk

Every order on your account can be processed in bulk by you. With this feature you can update the status of multiple orders at once. Additionally, you can also print a PDF or download a CSV for multiple orders at once.

• Selecting orders
• Printing/downloading orders
• Updating orders

Selecting orders

To process orders in bulk select Orders > View Orders from the menu.

Select the tick boxes to the left of the orders that you wish to modify:

If you wish to quickly select all of the orders click the tick box next to ‘ID’:

Once you have selected the orders you wish to change, two options will appear for you, 'Print/Download' and 'Update':

Printing/downloading orders

If you want to print a PDF or download a CSV select the Print/Download button and choose from the two options:

Selecting Print will open a PDF file for you to print.

Selecting Prepare Orders will process the report for you to download. Select Download Orders after processing:

Updating orders

If you want to update your orders in any way select the Update button to see all of the options:

Once you have made a selection from the update list a separate window will pop up allowing you to confirm your decision, and will also ask you if you wish to send an auto-email to the customer(s) telling them of the new status of their order:

Once you have selected which orders you would like to receive an email, a new box will appear which allows you to add a URL for tracking (or something different if you are using this function for a different purpose):

Please note!

In order to use the 'Tracking URL' function you will need to edit the 'Order Status Emails Content' (under Settings > Order Status > Order Status Emails). Here you need to add in the text string that says {{ tracking_url }} to the specific email(s) content that you want the tracking to be available on.

Once you have selected who will receive emails and tracking URLs select update to complete the process.