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Editing an order

To edit an order select Orders > View Orders from the menu. Then select either the 'ID', 'Date', 'Customer Name' or View button of the order you want to edit.

• Customer details
• Products ordered
• Submitting edits

Customer details

To edit any of the customer details use the click to edit button beside ‘Customer Details’:

From this section you can also edit the delivery date for the order:

Editing the customer details or delivery date will not generate an email to the customer.

Products ordered

In the ‘Products Ordered’ section you can edit the products that are associated with the order:

Select click to edit to be taken to the ‘Create Order’ interface. Here you can edit all of the details in the order. If you don’t need to change the customer details then skip that section.

You can add new products to the order, delete existing ones or change the price of existing ones:

If a product, a product’s option, the voucher code or the delivery rate are no longer available on your account then they will not reload.

Adding or deleting products will automatically reset the delivery rate, so you will need to select one again.

Delivery rate

Using the click to edit button in the ‘Products Ordered’ section also allows you to change the delivery rate, delivery date and whether or not the order has been paid:

Submitting edits

Once you have finished editing the products and the delivery rate select create order at the bottom of the page. The system will then send the customer a new confirmation email.

Creating the order will cancel the original order (the one that existed before the edits). This old order will still exist within the system; it will just have a status of ‘Cancelled’. At the top of the old order you will see a note telling you the order was replaced, and you will be given a link to the new order:

If you are using the system to manage your product stock any products not included on the new order will be returned to your stock counts.

The new edited order will have the same order ID as the original order. The edited order will also retain the order status of the original order. If you want to change the order status you will have to do so before or after editing the products or delivery rate.