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Exporting orders into a spreadsheet

To export your orders from your account to a .csv spreadsheet select View Orders > Orders from the menu.

Select the Export button as shown below:

The following window will then be displayed:

Here you will make the choices for what information you want to be included in your spreadsheet.

Date period

Firstly, choose what date period you would like your spreadsheet to cover.

You can choose this by selecting specific dates with the 'Date From' and 'Date To' boxes. Alternatively you can use the green boxes offering a time frame such as 'This Week' or 'Last Month'.

Products ordered

Use the tick box to choose whether or not you wish to include in the spreadsheet the specific products ordered by each customer. If you include the products each one will appear on a new row on the spreadsheet. Alternatively, if you do not include the products then each order will be on a different row with only the order totals showing.

Order status

You can choose to only include orders with a particular order status by choosing from the dropdown menu. If you do not make a choice here all of your orders will be included.

Prepare your report

Finally, once you have made your decisions, select the prepare your export button.

The system will then process your request, and a download your export button will appear:

Select the button to download the file to your computer's hard drive.