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Printify is a print-on-demand platform which allows you to find and customise products which you can then sell in your online store. When a customer buys one of those products the order will be automatically sent to Printify who will then be responsible for fulfilling the order.

ShopWired’s Printify app allows you to seamlessly connect your ShopWired store to your Printify account so you can import your Printify products and automatically export orders to Printify.

To connect your accounts you must first install the app. To do this select APPs > Available APPs from the menu. Find and select the Printify app and select INSTALL THIS APP.

Connecting to Printify
App settings
Importing products
Delivery rates mapping
Order exporting
Sales tax and Printify
Frequently asked questions

Connecting to Printify


Before you use the app to connect your ShopWired account to Printify, open a new tab and login to your Printify account. If you don’t have an account yet, you can create one here. If you are not already logged into your account, when you push connect you’ll be asked to login, but you’ll then need to manually return to the ShopWired website and select connect again.

Once the app is installed select APPs > Printify from the menu. In the ‘Printify Account’ section select connect:

Allow the ShopWired app to have access to your Printify account. You will then be returned to the app configuration page within ShopWired and the ‘Printify Account’ section should show as ‘Connected’:

This process connects your ShopWired account with your Printify account, so don’t worry if your individual Printify stores still display as ‘Not Connected’.

App settings

Once you’ve connected your accounts open the ‘App Settings’ section to configure your settings:

Send exported orders to production automatically
If you want new orders to be automatically placed into production when they are sent to Printify, enable this setting. If you do not enable this setting, orders will be sent as pending, and you will manually need to submit them for fulfilment.

Send an email to the customer when the order status is changed to shipped
Once your supplier has indicated on Printify that they have shipped the product to your customer, the ShopWired platform will receive a notification. Enable this setting if you then want your automatic ‘order dispatched’ email to be sent to the customer. You can configure the contents of this email on the order status emails settings page within your ShopWired account.

Importing products

Use the ‘Printify Products’ section to import the products you have created within your Printify account.

From the store selection box at the top of the section, select which of your Printify stores you would like to import products from:

Your Printify products will then be displayed to you with their image, product name and price. Place a tick in the selection box for the products you would like to import:

You can tick the box at the top of the column on a page to select all products on that page. Once you have selected which products you want to import select import selected.

If you want to import all of your Printify products for that store, select import all.

Once you’ve selected to import products your request will be processed, but this might take some time if you are importing a lot of products. An email will be sent to your ShopWired account email address once the import is finished. You should wait for this email before amending the imported products in your ShopWired account as the product import process might appear to be completed while it is still in progress.

Amending imported products

Once your products have imported from Printify, you should edit them to add any necessary additional information.

For example, you may want to consider adding/editing the following information about the imported products:
• Adding at least one category
• Editing the product description
• Adding a recommended retail price

These changes can be made to the imported products using the product editor in ShopWired like you would for any other product.

Delivery rates mapping

In the 'Delivery Rates Mapping' section you can match each of your configured delivery rates with a Printify shipping method. Then, where applicable, orders will be sent to Printify with the shipping method selected which matches the delivery rate they chose.

Printify offers two shipping methods: Standard and Express.

The express shipping method is not offered by every print provider on Printify, so there are likely to be instances where you may have mapped Express as your delivery rate, but Standard was chosen instead. For a list of print providers who offer express shipping for international orders and for orders within the US, please check Printify’s help article here.

Delivery speeds to your customer and costs to you will depend on which print provider you have chosen and where the product is being shipped to. For more information about how long shipping will take and how much it will cost you, you should consult your Printify account.

Orders containing an unmapped delivery rate will still be sent to Printify, and the Standard shipping rate will be chosen by default.

Once you have mapped your delivery rates select save changes.

Order exporting

When a customer places an order on your ShopWired store and the order contains at least one product imported from Printify, details of the order will be sent to Printify. If the order also contains products not imported from Printify, those products won't be sent with the order details.

An order will either be sent as pending or sent to production automatically depending on how you configured your settings within the app.

If an order fails to export to Printify, it will show in the ‘Order Export Errors’ section:

From this table you will be able to see the reason the order failed to export. You can then try to fix any issues and retry the export. Alternatively, you can manually create the order in your Printify account.

Notes about order exporting

• When orders are exported to Printify they are exported without sales tax information.

• Order totals on ShopWired cannot be exported to Printify, so the totals you see on ShopWired won’t match the totals you see on Printify for an order.

• Once an order has been exported, any edits made in your ShopWired account will not be sent to Printify. Any changes after this point must be manually added to the order from within your Printify account.

• If the following error message appears for an order which failed to export, then the order was previously exported and cannot be re-exported: external_order_id: Failed to import order with unique ID. Please check whether the order has an imported duplicate..

Sales tax and Printify

Sales tax and dropshipping

Help with sales tax!

If you are not familiar with how sales tax works in the US, then we recommend that you read through our US sales tax guides and that you contact a tax professional.

When you have your products dropshipped, your customer purchases the product from you, and you purchase that product from the dropshipper, who then sends the product directly to your customer.

Under these circumstances, since there are two separate transactions, there could be two separate amounts of sales tax that need collecting and remitting to the appropriate authorities:

  1. If the dropshipper, in this case Printify, has nexus in the state where the order is being delivered to, then they are required to charge you sales tax on any product that you purchased from them, and then remit that tax to the relevant authorities.
  2. If you have nexus in the state where the order is being delivered to, then you are required to collect sales tax from your customer, and then remit that tax to the relevant authorities, not to Printify.

Important notes about nexus and dropshipping:

  • If Printify does not have nexus in the state where the order is being delivered to, but you do have nexus there, then you are still required to collect sales tax from your customer.
  • Printify having nexus in a state does not automatically mean that you also have nexus with that state.
If you are not sure what your sales tax responsibilities are in any state, then you should contact a tax professional.

Resale certificates

If you sell products by dropshipping using Printify, then because you are a business purchasing a product from another business with the intent to resell that product to a consumer, you may be eligible for a resale certificate. A resale certificate exempts you from having to pay sales tax on products that you purchase specifically with the intention to resell them.

In many states you can use an out-of-state certificate to prove that you are exempt from paying sales tax. This means you would only need to obtain one resale certificate for all of those states. However, there are states which don’t allow you to use an out-of-state certificate. For those states you will need to obtain a resale certificate from each one individually. You can read more information here about how to obtain a resale certificate in each state.

Once you have obtained your resale certificates, you should then submit them to Printify, so that you no longer have to pay sales tax to Printify for the states that you have a resale certificate in. For more information on how to submit your resale certificates to Printify, read this guide from Printify.

A resale certificate does not mean that you can stop collecting sales tax from your customers. For states in which you have nexus, you are still required to collect sales tax from your customers for orders which contain Printify products.

Frequently asked questions

Does stock sync from Printify for imported products?

Yes, imported products' stock levels are synced from Printify at regular intervals.

Do price updates made on Printify sync to ShopWired?

No, the products are not updated in ShopWired.