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Recovering abandoned baskets

The Abandoned Basket APP works to allow you to send an email to your customers when they abandon their basket during checkout on your website.

What is an abandoned basket?

When a visitor to your website adds products to their basket and submits the checkout form to go through to make their payment, this creates an ' unpaid order' in your account.

When payment is completed, the payment gateway you are using tells our system that the order has been paid and the order is updated from an unpaid order to a paid order (and email confirmations are sent out to you and the customer).

If payment isn't completed, then the order stays as an unpaid order. This is also known as an abandoned basket.

Recovering abandoned baskets

If a customer abandons a basket and then goes away from your website for more than a few hours, when they return they'll need to re-add the items into their basket and go through checkout again. (Unless they were logged into a customer account, in which case the contents of the basket are saved).

The Abandoned Basket APP creates a unique link for each abandoned basket which you can give to the customer (or use the system to send automatically). When the customer visits this link all of the items they previously added to their basket will be present and all the information they entered will be pre-filled into the checkout form. They'll just need to go through and make payment again.

Obtaining the unique link

To get the unique link for the abandoned basket for an unpaid order select 'orders' from the left menu and then 'view unpaid orders'.

Each 'eligible' unpaid order will display a link icon.

Clicking this link will display a window showing the recovery URL.

You just need to copy this link into an email and send it to the customer.

Automatically emailing customers the abandoned basket email

We also have an automatic system that will email your customers a link through to their abandoned basket.

You can send up to 2 emails to a customer. The first is known as the 'initial' email, and the second is the 'follow up' email. The follow up email will not be sent if the customer pays for their basket after the initial email.

The initial email can be sent either 1, 2 or 3 hours after they abandon their basket.

The follow up email can be sent either 6, 24 or 48 hours after they abandon their basket.

An email will not be sent to the customer if:

- They have subsequently made a purchase
- They have created another abandoned basket
- The product(s) aren't available anymore

To setup the automatic emails select 'orders' from the left menu and then 'unpaid orders'.

Click the button in the top right that says 'abandoned basket settings'.

A new window will then appear asking when you'd like the automatic emails to go out.

Click the 'save changes' button.

The emails will now be sent out automatically.

Configuring the content of the abandoned basket emails

The contents of the email sent out to customers can be set in your account. Select 'settings' from the left menu and then 'website emails' and then 'website emails'.

In the 'website emails content' box click 'abandoned basket (initial)' or 'abandoned basket (follow up)' from the list and a form will open.

You can enter a subject line for the email and the email contents as well (an example is shown on the screenshot below).

You'll need to use the code shown below to include the URL that users can click to recover their basket.

{{ order.abandoned_basket_url }}

Click 'save changes' when you've finished.

Marketing Tip!

We know a lot of merchants that use an abandoned basket email have seen an increase in conversions from these emails when including a voucher code (such as 5% off) in the email. You might like to try it.