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Creating and managing gift vouchers

To create a gift voucher or manage existing gift vouchers that have been purchased select Marketing > Gift Vouchers from the menu.

• Creating a new gift voucher
• Managing existing gift vouchers

Creating a new gift voucher

To create a gift voucher use the ‘Create A New Gift Voucher’ section:

In the ‘Code’ box you can enter your own (which you would need to ensure is unique), or you can leave it blank to have the system auto-generate the code for you.

In the ‘Initial Amount’ box enter the amount that should be on the gift voucher.

When you have finished inputting the information select create gift voucher.

When you create a gift voucher you will want to make sure you send the code to the person who has purchased it or else they won't be able to use it.

Managing existing gift vouchers

In the ‘Existing Gift Vouchers’ section you can see all of the gift vouchers that have been either created by you or purchased through your website:

You can see the gift voucher Code, the Initial Amount that was on the voucher when it was created and the Amount Used on the voucher.

Select either the code or the button under Edit to edit any of the details of the voucher:

When you are finished making changes select the save changes button.

To delete a gift voucher select the bin icon under Delete, or to delete all of the vouchers on one page at once select All next to Delete and select OK on the popup window. If you have multiple pages of gift vouchers, you will need to delete them one page at a time.