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Importing/exporting gift vouchers

The import/export system for gift vouchers allows you to create, update or export gift vouchers in bulk.

To import or export gift vouchers select Marketing > Gift Vouchers from the menu.

• Importing gift vouchers
• Exporting gift vouchers
• Updating gift vouchers

Importing gift vouchers

By using a spreadsheet upload you can import gift vouchers in bulk to your account. The spreadsheet for the import file must be in a specific format in order to process correctly. To download a template of the spreadsheet select Import in the top right corner of the ‘Your Gift Vouchers’ page:

Select download the import template here in the box that appears:

This will download a CSV file to your computer for you to edit.

Field Guidance

The spreadsheet has 4 columns. Follow this field guidance to ensure you fill out the spreadsheet correctly:

Voucher ID
If you are creating a new gift voucher leave this field blank. If you are updating an existing gift voucher you must enter the unique ID for the voucher you are updating. The ID can be found by taking an export of your existing gift vouchers.

In this field enter the code you want the customer to input when they use the gift voucher.

Initial Amount
In this field enter the initial amount that the gift voucher is worth. Do not use a currency symbol.

Amount Used
In this field enter the amount that has already been used on the gift voucher. If the gift voucher is unused enter 0 here. Do not use a currency symbol.

Not filling in the spreadsheet according to the guidance could result in your upload not working.

Saving the spreadsheet

Once you have finished creating your spreadsheet save it as a CSV file. If you are using an Apple computer save the file as a Windows Comma Separated (.csv) file. If the file is not saved in this format the upload will fail.

Uploading the file

To upload the file select the Import button to see this box again:

Select Choose file and find the file in your computer’s hard drive.

Once you have attached the file select import.

Allow the system to process the file. If you are uploading a large file it might take some time to process, but don’t navigate away from the page. Once the file has uploaded you will see an ‘Import completed’ success message.

Exporting gift vouchers

To export a spreadsheet containing the information of your existing vouchers select the Export button:

Select prepare your export in the new box that appears:

Allow the system to process your export. When it is finished processing select the download your export button:

A CSV file of your gift vouchers will then be downloaded to your computer's hard drive.

Updating gift vouchers

To update your gift vouchers take an export of your current gift vouchers. Open the file on your computer and edit the information in the 4 columns (as explained in the ‘Importing gift vouchers’ section). Save your spreadsheet as a CSV file and upload the file to the system using the 'Import' button.


When updating gift vouchers do not change the values in column ‘A’ of the spreadsheet (Voucher ID). This column provides the unique ID used by the ShopWired database to distinguish your gift vouchers.