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Unpaid orders

Whenever the checkout page is submitted on your website an order will be created on your account. When confirmation has been received from your payment gateway that payment is complete this will become an order that is displayed on your ‘View Orders’ page. If for any reason the payment is not completed (whether the customer chose to not proceed with payment, the payment failed or any other reason) the system will record this as an unpaid order.

You can see and interact with these orders on your ‘Unpaid Orders’ page. To access this page select Orders > Unpaid Orders from the menu.

• Managing unpaid orders
• Abandoned basket

Managing unpaid orders

Use the boxes at the top of the page to search or filter your orders:

Select either the date, the customer name or the ‘View’ button to see the order:

Select the bin icon to delete the order:

Select ‘Mark As Paid’ to mark the order as paid:

Doing this will then send this order to your normal orders page (accessed under ‘View Orders’) and a confirmation email will be sent to you and the customer.

Please note!

In order to give your payment gateway sufficient time to send a ‘payment success’ message to the system, unpaid orders will not be displayed until 30 minutes after the order was initially created.

Abandoned basket

If you have downloaded the ‘Abandoned Basket’ app you will be able to send a reminder to the customer about the order.

To send them this reminder you can copy the permalink and send it to them yourself without the use of the automated system. To obtain this permalink select the button under the ‘Abandoned Basket’ header of the unpaid order, as shown below:

Alternatively, you can use the automated abandoned basket system to send emails to the customers.

On the ‘Unpaid Orders’ page you will see a button that says ‘Abandoned Basket Settings’:

Selecting this button will bring up this screen:

Here you can choose at what stage the email will be sent, if you want to send a follow up email and if emails should be sent to people who said no to receiving marketing from you.

Click here for more information about the 'Abandoned Basket' app.