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This app is only available in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland.

Support for this app is available only through ShopWired Nordic. Click here to contact ShopWired Nordic support.

Shipmondo provides a complete and easy solution to ship worldwide using one platform. The plug-and-play integration for ShopWired allows fast, precise and efficient booking of shipments. You get a full overview of your logistic activities in one dashboard, so there's no need to go back and forth using different apps.

Shipmondo supports 35+ carriers including UPS, DHL, FedEx, Postnord and Danske Fragtmænd.

To connect your Shipmondo account to your ShopWired account, you can install the app by selecting APPs > Available APPs from the menu. Find and select the 'Shipmondo' app and select INSTALL THIS APP. You will then need to provide our team with the required information through the Shipmondo installation request form.

• Installation requirements
• Order export
• Shipping

Installation requirements

Shipmondo API keys

If you don’t already have a Shipmondo account, you can create one here.

To obtain your Shipmondo API Key, navigate to your Shipmondo account and select Settings > API > Access:

Then select Generate API keys.

ShopWired Account ID, Email Address, Account Name and API Keys

To retrieve this required information from your ShopWired account, navigate to the 'Your Account' page by selecting your ID from the top menu and then selecting Your Account:

In the 'Your ShopWired Account' section you will find your ShopWired account ID, email address and account name:

In the 'API Access' section you will find your current API credentials:

You can copy the existing ones, or you can generate new ones and then copy them. (Generating new credentials would break any links which use your current credentials.)

Order export

You can use the order management feature to optimise your logistic activities, get a full overview and become much more efficient in your day-to-day work.

Once your Shipmondo and ShopWired accounts are connected, your ShopWired orders can be exported to Shipmondo so they are ready for shipping label printing. All “Active” and “Paid” orders will be sent to Shipmondo for shipping label printing. Once a new order is placed on your ShopWired account, or the order status has changed, ShopWired will send a notification to Shipmondo that the status has changed.

Exported orders can be found in the 'Order Management' tab inside your Shipmondo dashboard:

Order status updates

When the shipping label has been created and the status of an order on Shipmondo changes to Shipped, Shipmondo sends the tracking information to ShopWired and the order status on ShopWired will automatically be updated to Dispatched.

Send email to customer when updating order status

If you enable this setting, the customer will be sent the 'Order dispatched' automatic email when the order status is changed on ShopWired as a result of the change on Shipmondo. You can configure the contents of this email by following these instructions.

Order changes

If the order is canceled on ShopWired, Shipmondo will receive a ‘cancellation notice’ marking the order as canceled.

Any changes to an order on ShopWired will automatically be updated on Shipmondo.


The 'Shipping Services' section displays each of the delivery rates that have been configured on your ShopWired account. Delivery rates are grouped according to delivery zone and are displayed in alphabetical order. Delivery rates display with the delivery rate name, criteria and cost (to your customer):

Shipmondo uses product weights as reference for delivery rates.

Please note!

To successfully use Shipmondo, when creating/editing your products you must enter a weight. If a product's weight field is empty, the app will fail to create a shipment.

Configuring new couriers in Shipmondo

Shipmondo connects with 6 couriers in Denmark, so you can select your preferred couriers (e.g. BRING, DAO, GLS, Postnord). However, not all of these couriers and services are immediately installed within your ShopWired account. Contact us to request installation of your preferred courier.

Free delivery

To remove the delivery cost for certain products, you will need to create a new delivery rate. The default option for free delivery is "Free delivery DAO (shop to shop), DAO_STS". The shipping cost in Shipmondo will depend on the weight of the product.

To create a new delivery rate, select Checkout > Delivery Rates from the menu. In the appropriate delivery zone, select + Add A New Delivery Rate.

The name you enter in the Name field should only contain one comma. After the comma you should enter the carrier code (e.g. DAO_STS, GLSDK_BP, etc.). You should only enter one carrier code in the name.

For Criteria select By Weight and for Cost enter 0.

Optionally, with the use of the delivery rate exceptions app, you can choose to have the delivery rate only be available when certain products are purchased.

Here is an example of what creating this delivery rate should look like:

Shipments tab

The 'Shipments' tab in your Shipmondo account provides an overview of the status of all your shipments:

All of your ShopWired shipments will be synced to your Shipmondo account.

In this tab you can also create a new shipment:

And you can manage existing shipments: