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Setting stock alerts

For each product that you add to your store you can set up a stock alert.

Every day, our system automatically checks the stock values for each of your products (and their variations) and sees whether the stock quantity of that product/variation has fallen below the alert level that you have set.

If it has then an email will be sent to you with each of the products/variations that have triggered the alert.

How do you setup stock alerts?

You'll need to install the stock alert APP for this feature to be enabled on your account.

First, you need to make sure that stock for the product/variation is being managed in your account by entering an SKU code for the product/variation.

When adding/editing a product scroll to the 'stock & delivery management' box.

To set an alert for a product (or any variations it has) place a tick in the 'setup an alert' tick box.

You'll also need to enter a value in the 'when stock below' field. When your stock quantity goes below this figure you'll be alerted.

In this example...'d be alerted when the stock quantity of the product got to 7 or below.

The stock management page

You can also setup stock alerts on the stock management page.

Select 'products' from the left hand menu and then click 'manage stock'.

You enter the alert level for a particular product by clicking the + icon and entering in your number into the field that appears (click anywhere else on the page to save the alert level).

Alerts are set on a per-product level so if a product has variations you can only set an alert level for all variations.

Adding alerts in bulk

You can add in alerts for your SKU codes using the stock import function.

You can read more about the stock import function here. On your spreadsheet just add in a 3rd column headed Alert.