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Stock Alerts

The 'Stock Alerts' app allows you to set stock alert levels for each of your products. Every day the system checks the stock levels of your products against the alert levels that you have set. Each product that has fallen below the alert level will be included in the stock alert email that is sent to you each morning.

Stock alerts can only be set on products that use the stock management system.

Separate stock levels can be set for each product, but you do not need to set alert levels for every product if you don’t wish to be warned of their stock levels.

Please note!

The stock alert level can only be set on the base product and not on individual variations. Once a stock alert is set on the base product any time the stock level of a variation of that product dips below the set level that variation will be included in the email.

To install the app select APPs > Available APPs from the menu. Find and select the app named ‘Stock Alerts’ and select INSTALL THIS APP.

• Setting stock levels through the product page
• Setting stock levels through the ‘Manage Your Stock’ page
• Setting stock levels in bulk through the import/export system

Setting stock levels through the product page

When creating or editing a product you can set the stock level. On the creator/editor page for a product find the section named ‘Stock & Delivery Management’:

Tick the box by ‘Stock Alerts’ to be able to add a stock alert level:

Select save changes or save + close to complete the process.

Setting stock levels through the ‘Manage Your Stock’ page

The ‘Manage Your Stock’ page is an easier way to quickly set stock levels for multiple products as they will all be displayed to you in one place. To do this select Products > Manage Stock from the menu. On this page you will see a list of all of your current products with a column for setting alert levels:

Select the + sign (or the number if there already is one) and enter what you would like the alert level to be:

Click anywhere else on the page to save the information.

Setting stock levels in bulk through the import/export system

To set your stock levels in bulk use the stock import/export system. To do this use the import/export buttons on the ‘Manage Your Stock’ page:

You can choose to export all of your current stock information, change the information on the spreadsheet and then import the spreadsheet back onto the system. Alternatively you can download the import template and fill in the SKU codes and alert level information for your products.

Either way, as long as the app is installed, there will be a third column on the stock import/export spreadsheets labelled ‘Alert’ for you to include or change the levels. Click here for more information about the stock import/export system.