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Using product search keywords

When a website visitor searches for products on your website they enter particular keywords into your website's search box. Our system then matches the keywords entered with the product names and descriptions of your products and shows them matching search results. But no system is perfect and there maybe times where you want a particular product to display for a particular keyword search when it currently isn't doing.

In this case you can use the product search keywords APP to enter your own keywords.

How does it work

When you are adding/editing a product a new field of 'search keywords' will appear, once you have installed this APP, in the 'additional information' box.

You should enter each search keyword or keyphrase separated with a comma, e.g.

'nike trainers, airmax trainers, white trainers'

You can enter as many keywords/keyphrases as you like.

Combining with the 'no results' report

When a customer completes a search on your website and is shown no matching products for a particular keyword entered, a record of this search is kept on our system.

Each search term that returned no results is then displayed in a report you can access in your account.

If you think that a particular search term should have yielded results that it didn't, you can then manually add search keywords to the product to make sure that future searches for the same keyword/keyphrase will display that product.