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Using product search keywords

When a visitor to your website searches for products by entering particular keywords into your website’s search box, the system matches those keywords with product names, categories or brands and shows them matching search results. If there are specific products that you would like to appear, that aren’t currently appearing, when certain keywords are searched, you can use the product search keywords app to add keywords to each product.

To add keywords to products you first need to install the app. To do this select APPs > Available APPs from the menu. Find and select the ‘Product Search Keywords’ app and select INSTALL THIS APP.

• Adding keywords to products
• Using the app in conjunction with the ‘Failed Searches’ report

Adding keywords to products

Once you have installed the app you can add keywords to products using the product creator/editor. In the ‘Additional Information’ section use the ‘Search Keywords’ field to enter keywords for the product:

If you want to enter multiple keywords or phrases, separate them with a comma, as in this example:

For each product there is a character limit of 5000 for the number of keywords which can be entered.

Using the app in conjunction with the ‘Failed Searches’ report

When a customer searches for something on your website using the search box, if they aren’t shown any matching products for what they entered the search will be recorded in the system. You can then access a report of all of these failed searches in the reports section of your account. To access this report select Reports from the menu and select the Failed Searches report:

The failed searches will then be shown to you in a table:

If you think that a particular search term that was entered should have yielded a result that it didn’t, you can manually add the keyword to the product to ensure that future searches will display that product.