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Please note!

This app is not available in North America.

The stockists app allows you to create a searchable database of physical locations. The main purpose of the app is to allow you to create a directory of retail outlets which stock your products. However, the app can also be used to list your own brick-and-mortar locations or for any other reason that you might need to display a searchable directory. Once the page is created users can enter a town/city or postcode and be shown (in distance order) locations which you entered. For each location you can enter a name, telephone number, address, postcode and website address.

To use the stockists feature you will first need to install the app. To do this select APPs > Available APPs from the menu. Find and select the ‘Stockists’ app and select INSTALL THIS APP.

• Creating stockists
• Managing existing stockists
• Stockist settings
• The user experience on your website

Creating stockists

Once you have installed the app you can begin creating stockists to add to your database. To create stockists select Stockists > Create Stockist from the menu.

In the ‘Stockist Details’ section enter the information for the stockist:

You should fill out the:
'Company Name' - which is the name of the company or your branch name.
'Country' - select the country for the stockist.
Address - ensure you have filled out the '1st Line Address', 'Town/City' and 'Postcode' fields so that the stockist works correctly.

The other information on the form is optional.

Please note!

If entering an address based in Northern Ireland, please select United Kingdom as the country and not Northern Ireland, or else the stockist will fail to appear in searches.

Once you have entered the information select save changes.

Managing existing stockists

Stockists which you have created can be managed by selecting Stockists > View Stockists from the menu. You can use the search box to search for a specific stockist:

All of your stockists can be seen in the ‘Existing Stockists’ section:

Under Stockist Name is the name of the stockist. Click on the name to edit details of the stockist.

Select the button under Edit to edit details of the stockist.

Select the bin icon under Delete to delete the stockist.

Stockist settings

Settings for your stockists can be found on the ‘Your Stockists’ page accessed by selecting Stockists > View Stockists from the menu. Select Settings in the top right corner:

This will open a new box:

Under 'Radius' enter the distance, in miles, that you want the system to display results for from the postcode that the user entered. For example, if the user entered a Birmingham postcode and you have the radius set to 10 miles, the system will only show results within 10 miles of the Birmingham postcode.

Enter 0 in the field if you always want all stockists to be displayed.

In the 'No Stockists Found Message' field enter what message you would like to be displayed if a search performed by a user doesn’t find any results.

Once you have finished editing the settings select save changes.

The user experience on your website

The URL for the stockists page on your website is, where ‘yourdomainname’ is replaced with your actual domain name.

Your website’s visitors will see a page similar to this one:

When they search a specific town/city or postcode the results of the stockists will be displayed:

To create a link to your stockists page in one of your website’s menus you will need to edit your link lists.