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An introduction to stockists

The stockists feature allows you to create a searchable database of physical locations. Users can go to the page, enter a town/city or postcode and be shown (in distance order, nearest first) matching locations that you have entered.

For each location you can enter a name, address, postcode, telephone and website address.

The stockists feature is named as such because it allows you to create a directory of retail outlets that stock your products, but it can also be used to list your own bricks-and-mortar branches, or for any other reason where you need to display a searchable directory.

How to use the stockists feature

You can start adding stockists to your account by following the instructions in this article.

The URL for your stockists page will be

Your visitor's experience on your website

Your website's visitors will be shown a page similar to the one below.

They'll enter a name/postcode (the system will automatically detect what they've entered) and then results will be displayed.