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Product Q&A


To use this app, you will need to install code on your theme files. For installation instructions, click here.

With the Product Q & A app, your website will display a question and answer section on each product page, as shown in this example:

Visitors can submit questions (by entering their name, email and question), and if a question is 'public', they can view other visitors questions and your answers.

Visitors can also rate a question & answer positively or negatively (in the example above this is shown with thumbs up and thumbs down icons).

In your account you'll be able to see all the questions and enter your answer. You can choose to display the q&a on the product page (or keep it private) and also whether to email the answer to the customer automatically.

If you think a q&a is suitable for other products then you can make it display on those products too.

ShopWired account functionality

Marking a product as suitable for Q&A

In order to display the Q&A section on the product page on your website, when creating/editing a product you must mark the product as 'suitable for q&a'.

To do this use the 'Additional Information' section:

To show the Q&A section, you should tick the box beside 'Is this product suitable for q&a?'.

Alternatively, you can set all products to be suitable for Q&A by selecting Settings > Products from the menu. Towards the bottom of the section you'll see the question 'Do you want to activate Q&A on all products?':

Viewing questions asked and answering questions

Questions can be viewed, answered and managed through the 'product q&a' section of your website.

To access this section select Products > Product Q&A from the menu. All of the questions which have been asked will be displayed to you here.

If there's a tick in the 'Show' column then the question and answer is currently being displayed on the product page. You can untick this box to hide it.

A tick in the 'Answered' column means that you have answered the question already.

Managing a question

When you click to view a question, the top section provides details about the question itself:

You can see the product the question was asked on (this is editable, so if you want, you can select a new product from the drop down), the date of the question and the questioner's name and email address. When the question is submitted, the visitor can choose whether the question is public or not (i.e. should be displayed on the product page). You can override this choice if you want to using the 'Is the question public' tick box.

The next section shows the question (you can edit this if you want to) and your space for the answer:

Type your answer into the 'your answer' box. There's an HTML editor you can use if you want to.

The last section allows you to tick to send an email to the customer notifying them of the answer:

You'll also notice that you can edit the number of 'helpful' (positive) and 'unhelpful' (negative) votes that a question has.

Finally, you can display the question & answer on other products if you want to, by selecting the additional products from the drop down (select the 'add another product' link to display another drop down list).