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Product Extras

The product extras app allows you to add optional extras that can be purchased with a product with a tick of a box on the product page:

These extras can be related to the product to make it easier for customers to add items that they might need. For example, if you were selling a phone you might want to make a phone case or a phone charger an extra for that product. A customer adding an extra is optional, so they will not be forced to do this in order to add the product to their basket.

To install the app select APPs > Available APPs from the menu. Find and select the ‘Product Extras’ app and select INSTALL THIS APP.

• Adding extras
• Number of extras

Adding extras

Once the app is installed you can add extras to a product when either creating or editing the product. On the product creator/editor page find the section named ‘Product Extras’:

Place the name of the extra in the ‘Name’ box. In the ‘Price’ box enter how much the extra will cost. If it’s a free extra put 0 in the box or leave it empty.

You can also choose to link your extra to a product that you have created on your account, but this is optional. The product you want to link to the extra must have a SKU code. It is not possible to link a specific variation of a product to an extra. If you enter the SKU code of a specific variation the system will revert to using the base product instead. If you do choose to link a product to the extra when the extra is purchased by a customer the stock system will reduce the stock quantity for that item.

If the linked product is a product which contains a digital file, an email containing a link to the file will be automatically sent to the customer upon purchase.


If you use the return stock feature the stock for the extra will not be returned. Additionally, if the product linked to the extra is out of stock the system will not prevent customers from buying it.

Number of extras

By default the maximum number of extras that a product can have is 3, but you can change this. To change it select Settings > Products from the menu. Find the ‘Maximum number of extras a product can have’ box and change the number to whatever you want:

Once you have input a number select save changes.