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The subscriptions system can only be used with either the ShopWired Payments or Stripe payment gateways available on ShopWired.
You can have other payment gateways enabled on your website but subscription orders can only be processed through one of these gateways (ShopWired will automatically update payment options at checkout for your customers).

• How the subscription system works
• Setting up subscription products
• Subscriptions billing day
• Managing subscriptions

How the subscription system works

i) In the admin system you can mark a product as a subscription product and set the price and billing interval (e.g. weekly, monthly)
ii) A customer will add a subscription product to their cart and checkout in the normal way
iii) At the set interval, our system receives a message from your payment gateway that the subscription payment has been processed and creates an order for the product(s) in the subscription
iv) The order can then be processed and managed by you in the normal way

Within the admin system you can

i) View existing subscriptions and amend the address and customer information
ii) Cancel an existing subscription
iii) View orders processed through the subscription (in the same way as any other order)
iv) Set a subscription date on the app installation page (if you want all subscription payments/orders to be processed on the same day of each month) - enter only a number between 1 and 28 here
v) Manually create subscriptions by creating an order which contains a subscription product

Within customer accounts, a customer can

i) View their active subscriptions
ii) View individual details about a subscription
iii) Cancel a subscription

A few important notes about the subscription system

i) Currently this is only compatible with the ShopWired Payments or Stripe payment gateways - you must be using one of these gateways to use the subscription system
ii) A customer cannot purchase 'one-off' (i.e. normal) products at the same time as subscription products
iii) The products purchased in a subscription cannot be edited (the subscription needs to be cancelled and then set up again if the products need to change) and subscriptions cannot currently be paused
iv) A customer will need to either register, or login, to a customer account in order to proceed with their subscription order
v) Default cart products are not triggered by subscription products
vi) Currently customers cannot edit billing information for subscriptions, if they need to use a different card they'll have to cancel the subscription and create a new one
vii) If there was an offer or voucher code applied to a subscription product when it was first purchased, every new order that is processed for that subscription will also contain the discount.

Setting up subscription products

Subscription products are set up in your account in the same way as a normal product.

When adding/editing a product, in the 'product pricing' box tick the 'is this a subscription product' tick box.

A drop down will then appear on the right hand side asking you to select the billing interval for the subscription

Select the interval from the drop down list.

Make all other changes/additions to the product in the normal way.

Subscriptions billing day

If you want all of your subscription orders to be processed on the same day of each month, you can set which day you want billing to occur through a setting on the app installation page. To access this page select APPs > Installed from the menu. Find the 'Stripe Subscriptions' app and select View details or the name of the app.

On this page find the 'Settings' section on the bottom right:

Enter a number between 1 and 28 here and select save changes. Billing will then occur on this day of every month for all active subscriptions.

If a customer first places an order for a subscription product on any day other than the one entered here, an order will be generated but the customer will not be charged until the billing day. Another order will be generated on the billing day.

Managing subscriptions

Subscriptions are managed in a similar way to orders.

To manage your subscriptions select Orders > View Subscriptions from the menu.

Use the search box to search your subscriptions by customer name, email or postcode. Use the 'Filter Your Subscriptions' drop-down to view subscriptions which are only for a particular product.

Subscriptions will either have a status of 'Active' or 'Cancelled'. Select the drop-down under 'View' to filter the subscriptions based on their status.

Select Edit on a subscription to view its details or edit the billing/delivery address for the customer.

Each time a subscription is processed an order will be generated which can be managed in the same way as other orders. By default an order confirmation email will only be sent when the subscription order is initially placed and not each time that it renews. If you would like an order confirmation email to be sent each time the subscription renews, you will need to adjust your order settings. To do this select Orders > Order Settings from the menu. In the 'Order Emails' section enable the setting named 'Send order confirmation emails for orders generated from recurring subscription payments':

Then select save changes at the bottom of the page.

Cancelling a subscription

To cancel a subscription click to edit it, and then in the top right corner select Cancel:

You will then be asked to confirm your choice. Cancelling subscriptions cannot be undone.