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Tabbed Product Descriptions


Before using this app, please check whether you will need to install coding on your ShopWired theme. For more information please click here.

Installation instructions for this app can be found here.

By using the tabbed product descriptions app you can segment your normal product description into 5 separate product descriptions. This will allow you to display different tabs on your product page, as shown in this example:

Installing the app allows you to add up to 5 product descriptions, and you don't have to use these to create tabs. Instead, they can be used for a different purpose.

In the example below you'll notice that there are three distinct sections of text:

Instead of splitting the product descriptions into tabs they are instead being displayed on the product page in separate areas.

Adding your other product descriptions

When the app is installed in your account, when you create/edit a product you will see 4 other boxes underneath the normal product description field, each labelled 'Description 2', 'Description 3', etc.