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Filter/Variation Syncing

If you use ShopWired’s product filters app you can use the filter/variation syncing app to automatically sync product variations that you have configured with filters and filter groups.

Please note!

To use this app you must use stock control for each of your variations by entering individual SKU codes. The ‘all variants’ feature is not compatible with this app.

• Installing and enabling the app
• Managing delivery rates
• An example of how the app works

Installing and enabling the app

To install the app select APPs > Available APPs from the menu. Find and select the ‘Filter/Variation Syncing’ app and select INSTALL THIS APP.

Once the app is installed select APPs > Filter/Variation Syncing from the menu to enable the app. In the ‘App Settings’ section tick the box beside ‘Yes’ under ‘Enable?’ and select save changes to allow the app to begin working:

Once you’ve enabled the app it will immediately create new filter groups for new variant options that you create. You should perform an initial sync of your already created variant options by selecting sync now:

Depending on how many variation options and products that you already have, the initial sync could take some time to complete.

How the app works

  • When you create a new variant option (e.g. ‘Colour’ or ‘Size’) and you have not already created a filter group with that name then a new filter group will be created to match it.
  • When you add new variations to an option (e.g. ‘Small’ or ‘Red’) on a product, filters with those names will automatically be added to the filter group for that product.
  • If you manage stock levels for your variations, when a variation option for a product goes out of stock the filter will automatically be removed from the filter group for that product. This means that when a customer selects that filter option on your website the product with the variation that is out of stock will not appear as an option.
  • When an out of stock variation comes back in stock the filter will automatically be applied to the applicable filter group.

An example of how the app works

Use of this app means that when your website visitors filter products they will only see products which have the variation options they want if they are in stock.

For example, imagine a website that sells clothes in sizes ‘Small’, ‘Medium’ and ‘Large’. If the app is installed and the ‘Small’ size for a particular product is out of stock then when a user selects, by using the filters, to see products available in the ‘Small’ size that particular product won’t display in the results.