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ShipStation is an order management and dispatch tool that allows you to streamline your ShopWired website's fulfilment processes. Within ShipStation you can setup connections to your chosen courier services where you can pay for and print shipping labels for orders.

ShipStation connects to 8 UK couriers, UPS, Royal Mail, DHL, FedEx, Parcelforce, DPD, Hermes & Seko. In addition, ShipStation connects with 'Fulfilled by Amazon', Amazon Fulfillment & Shipwire.

The ShopWired ShipStation app has two functions:

- When you receive an order on ShopWired it will send the order details (and products contained in the order) to the ShipStation platform.

- When you create a shipping label on ShipStation, the order will automatically be marked as dispatched on ShopWired and can, optionally, send an order status change email to your customer.

Once you've installed the app you'll need to connect it to ShipStation by entering your API keys, instructions below.

Connecting to ShipStation
Order status updates
Order status settings
Shipping services
ShipStation order management
Order changes

Please note

The ShopWired support team are unable to provide help or support with regards to your use of ShipStation, we can only support you on the functions that our app provides.

Connecting to ShipStation

If you don't already have a ShipStation account, you'll need to open one. You cannot open a ShipStation account through your ShopWired account, so please navigate to the ShipStation website to open your account.

Within ShipStation click the 'settings' icon in the top right corner.

From the left menu click the 'api settings' menu link.

At the bottom of the API Settings page, your ShipStation API keys are displayed.

Copy and paste these keys into the ShipStation app page within your ShopWired account and click the 'save changes' button.

The app will then verify the credentials entered. If correct, the page will reload with a range of settings for you to configure (explained below).

Order status updates

Update order status with Shipstation order status

When the status of the order on ShipStation changes to Shipped, ShopWired can update the order status on your ShopWired account. To do so, select this setting.

Send email to customer when updating order status

When the order status is changed on ShopWired as a result of the change on ShipStation, selecting this setting will send the customer the 'order dispatched' email notification (you can configure the contents of this email by following the instructions in this help guide article.

Order status settings

When a new order is received on your ShopWired account, or the status of the order is changed, ShopWired sends a notification to ShipStation that the status has changed.

ShipStation has 5 default order status, Awaiting Payment, On Hold, Awaiting Shipment, Shipped and Cancelled.

The app will list each of the order status that are configured on your ShopWired account and ask you to select the matching ShipStation order status.

If you need to create new order status on your ShopWired account (to match with a ShipStation order status) you can do so by following the instructions here.

From the drop down list for the 'ShipStation status' select the matching status, as shown in the example below.

You don't need to match every ShopWired status to a ShipStation status, some can be left blank (in which case a change of status on the order on ShopWired will not update it on ShipStation).

More than one ShopWired order status can match the same ShipStation status.

The screenshot below shows our recommended matching for each order status.

Shipping services

The 'Shipping Services' section displays each of the delivery rates that have been configured on your ShopWired account. Shipping rates are grouped according to delivery zone, and displayed in alphabetical order.

The section displays the shipping rate name, criteria, and cost (to your customer). Having setup your ShipStation account, you may want to add additional delivery rates to your ShopWired account, which you can do by following the instructions here.

When an order is sent to ShipStation, the shipping service can be pre-selected on the order within ShipStation.

From the Shipping Service drop down, select the corresponding ShipStation courier/delivery rate that matches with the shipping rate configured in your ShopWired account, as shown on the example below.

Where the shipping rate hasn't been matched with a ShipStation rate, the order will still export to ShipStation. However, you'll need to manually select the shipping rate for the order in ShipStation.

Configuring new couriers in ShipStation

ShipStation connects with 8 UK couriers and 3 fulfilment services. Not all couriers and services are installed in your ShipStation account when you open it.

To add a new courier connection within ShipStation review the help guide here.

ShipStation order management

Orders exported by ShopWired into ShipStation will appear on the orders tab within your ShipStation account (select 'orders' from the top menu in ShipStation).

Each order is listed separately, and you can view orders with a particular status by selecting one of the status from the left menu in ShipStation.

ShipStation has a great set of help guides that you can refer to for any assistance required on using your ShipStation account, you can view these here.

Unfortunately ShopWired support teams cannot assist you in your use of ShipStation, you must contact ShipStation support directly.

Order changes

When an order is cancelled on ShopWired, a 'cancellation notice' is sent through to ShipStation, marking the order as cancelled on that platform (provided the corresponding status has been configured).

Changes to the order on ShopWired are also sent to the order on ShipStation (customer details changes and/or a change to the products ordered).

Where you receive an unpaid order on ShopWired (i.e. if the order is placed by the customer through the offline payment method), or if you create the order through the ShopWired admin system and mark it as not paid, this is sent to ShipStation as an order Awaiting Payment (provided the order status matching has been configured appropriately).

When an unpaid order is subsequently marked as paid, through ShopWired, the status of the order on ShipStation is changed to Awaiting Shipment.