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Variation/Filter Syncing

If you use ShopWired's product filters functionality you can use this app to automatically sync variations that you add to your products with filters and filter groups.

Please note!

To use this app, you must use stock control for your variations by entering a SKU code.
The 'all variants' feature is not compatible with this app.

Why use the app?

Using the app means that your website visitors will be able to filter products, on category pages, and only see products which have variation options that are in stock.

The app has applications for many types of products, but the easiest way to imagine it working is for a clothes website that sells clothes in sizes Small, Medium and Large. If using the app and the filter system, if the 'small' size for a product was out of stock then when users select to see products available in the 'small' size using filters, the product will not be displayed in results.

App functionality

The app works as follows:

• When you create a new variation option (e.g. 'Colour' or 'Size'), if no filter group already exists with that name one will be created
• When you add new variations to the option (e.g. 'Small', 'Medium' or 'Red'), those filters will automatically be added to the filter group for that product
• If managing stock levels for variations, when a variation option goes out of stock the filter will be automatically removed from the filter group for that product
• When an out of stock variation is placed back in stock, the filter will be automatically applied to the applicable filter group

How to use the app

The app begins working as soon as it has been enabled.

On installation of the app you can perform an initial sync of your options & variations with your filters by clicking the 'sync now' button.

The initial sync may take some time to complete if you have a large number of variation options or products so please be patient.