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Customising your theme's shopping basket page

All ShopWired themes show some text when the shopping basket is empty and a text snippet setting is available for you to customise the text for this (please note that the basket must be empty in order to see this text).

Off canvas basket

Enabling your theme's off canvas basket setting means that users can view the contents of their shopping basket without leaving the page they are on. When the setting is enabled, if the user clicks the 'shopping basket' text or icon in your website's header the basket contents will slide out to them.

The display of the off canvas basket is the same as that shown when you enable the soft add to cart app.

Delivery rates as radio buttons

When enabled, your theme will display available delivery rates to customers (once they have selected their delivery zone/country) as a radio button selection rather than a drop down selection, as shown in the example below.

Delivery date field

Enabling this feature will prompt customers to enter a desired delivery date for their order (when the selected delivery zone is United Kingdom).

You can customise the dates that are available for customers to choose from using the settings in this section.

Delivery cut off time determines the cut-off time for selecting the next available date for delivery

Delivery lead up determines the earliest date (expressed in number of days following today) that the customer can choose. Enter 0 if next day delivery is available.

Exclude days of week from delivery allows you to remove particular days of the week from being selected by the customer, enter 0 for Sunday, 1 for Monday etc.

Exclude specific dates from delivery enter particular dates (such as Christmas day) that a customer should not be able to select, enter dates in the format DD-MM-YYYY

The delivery date calendar does not 'tie in' with your delivery rates, so you cannot exclude certain days or dates depending on the delivery rate chosen. To do so, theme changes will need to be made, please contact us for assistance.