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Text snippets

Customising text snippets

Each theme has a number of text snippet settings. Text snippets are small pieces of text (mostly one sentence, sometimes two or three sentences) which are placed on various places of your website.

An example text snippet on a theme is indicated below, highlighted in red.

Each text snippet is labelled so that you know where on your theme it is located.

To change the content of the text snippet, simply type in the new text into the field. As you type, if the theme preview is on the corresponding page where the snippet is located you'll notice the preview update as you type the new content.

Please note!

Please note that some text snippets are not contained within the text snippet section of the theme editor where that snippet relates to a particular feature/page (e.g. text snippets concerning trade accounts are located within the trade account setting group).

HTML tags

In order to display nicely on your website (e.g. have bold text or to have links to other pages) some text snippets contain HTML tags. Where possible, you should try and preserve these tags and place your content within them to ensure that the styling remains.

If you don't use the HTML, your text snippets will still work and function normally, they'll just lose the particular function that the HTML tag gives them.

The HTML tags used in text snippets are listed below:

<p></p> is used to show text within paragraphs. This tag is used so that text snippets are shown on multiple lines.

<strong></strong> is used to show text in bold.

<a href=""></a> is used to make text a hyperlink (the link URL is placed within the two quotation marks and the link text within the section e.g. <a href="/some-url-here">click here</a>

<hX></hX> is used to denote a title, (using either <h1></h1>, <h2></h2> or <h3></h3>). The text within the h tag is the title.

Special tags

Special tags are used to automatically generate content from your ShopWired account. You'll need to preserve the format of these exactly, and you cannot create your own - only the ones listed below will work.

The [[YEAR]] variable used in the Copyright Statement text snippet will output the current year.

The [[PHONE]] variable used in the Header Phone Number and Contact Page Phone text snippet will output the phone number set on your account.

The [[EMAIL]] variable used in the Contact Page Email text snippet will output the email address set on your account.

The [[ADDRESS]] variable used in the Contact Page Address text snippet will output the postal address set on your account.