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Customer account pages

Customer account page customisations & settings

All ShopWired version 4 themes come with a range of functionality that your website's customers can use when they sign up for a customer account. You can view a list of these here.

On the customer account registration form, you can enable two additional fields if you wish to.

Firstly, you can enable a date of birth field to ask customers to enter their date of birth when creating an account. When activated, the date of birth field will display a calendar popup for the user to select from.

Secondly, you can enable a company name field.

Referred friends page

If you're using the reward points app's functionality to facilitate a referral scheme on your website, enabling this setting will allow customer's access to a page within their account area to view a statement of the orders that have been received on your website from visitors they have referred.

Please note, actual details of the orders that have been placed (e.g. referred customer's address or the products they ordered) are not visible.