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Advanced options

Enabling and using advanced theme options.

The advanced theme options available on your theme will really only need to be used if you are making coding changes to your theme that involve SCSS changes and where you encounter a problem that you need to debug.

Most users will not need to activate these settings.

Enable source maps - allow the browser to map CSS to it's original SCSS file to help you pinpoint which SCSS file (and which line number) to look for the styles associated with a particular element.

Disable automatic SCSS compilation - enabling this setting will disable SCSS compilation into CSS.

Show SCSS compilation errors - if your SCSS files fail to compile into a new CSS file for your theme, this setting can be used to help identify the problem. Having enabled the setting open the page editor on your theme and the theme's theme.scss file and open the browser console. Any compilation errors detected by the platform will appear here (although please note that ShopWired will not output compilation errors in all circumstances).