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Newsletter popup

About the newsletter popup and how to customise it

Each ShopWired theme comes with a pre-built newsletter popup that can be displayed to website visitors when they visit your website. The exact design of the popup depends on the theme, an example is shown below.

To enable the newsletter popup you can tick the 'enable popup' tick box in the settings control panel.

Depending on the design of the popup on your theme, you'll be able to customise the text that's displayed to visitors (providing details about why they should sign up). These text settings work in the same way as text snippets work.

Some newsletter popups also contain an image, as shown in the example below.

Where the popup on your theme does contain an image you'll be able to upload an image to it in the same way that you do for your theme's home page images.

Only the first image uploaded to the gallery will be displayed.

Where are the email addresses stored?

When a customer enters their email address in the newsletter popup this will be added as a subscriber within the newsletter subscribers page of your ShopWired account.

Alternatively, if you are using the MailChimp app the subscriber will be automatically populated into the corresponding subscriber list in MailChimp.