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Changing your theme's text snippets

Text snippet are small pieces of text that are dotted around your website.

In the example above you can see the text 'This website is Copyright © 2013-2014....'

This is a text snippet. It's quite likely your theme has a number of these text snippets that you may want to change. You can change the text snippets through the editor (you can access the style editor by clicking 'themes' on the left menu and then 'style editor' for the theme you would like to customise).

Editing the snippets

Scroll to the 'text snippets' section of the style editor.

The exact snippets available for you to edit will depend on the theme you have chosen. You'll also see some snippets (like the trade account snippet) that will only be relevant to you if you have that feature enabled on your account.

In the example above there are 6 snippets that we can edit.

You can make your changes in the boxes and click the 'save changes' button at the bottom of the page when you're done (we'd then advise that you check your changes to make sure that they are ok).

Sometimes you'll notice a snippet has some extra text in grey. You'll see this if there is a recommendation about the snippets content, in the example below because space is limited we recommend entering no more than 5 words for the snippet.

Please Note!

In general you should find that all of the text around your website can be edited using the snippets feature but if you come across any text you can't edit, that you'd like to change, please contact us for assistance.