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Changing the font(s) used on your website

If you're using one of our templates for your website's design then you may like to change the font(s) used on the website.

To do so you'll first need to choose the new fonts:

1. A good place to look for fonts to use is the Google font library. You can view it at

2. Alternatively there are many websites that offer free or premium (paid for) fonts. You'll need to download the font file for the font you want to use.

3. Once you've got your font files (or identified the font you want to use from a service like Google offers) you'll then need to change your website's CSS files to use the new font.

A more detailed instruction of what to change on your theme's files, and where, can be found here.

If you don't feel comfortable changing your website's files then we can change them for you. A small charge will apply. Please contact us and tell us which fonts you'd like to change and we'll be happy to do it for you.

When contacting us please remember to provide us the name and source of the new font (if you have used a service like Google) or if you are using an external website you'll need to include the font file in the message you send to us.

Increasing the font size of text on your website

To increase the font size of the text used on your website, you'll need to edit your website's CSS files.

Alternatively we'll be happy to make the changes for you (we'd only charge to cover our time). When contacting us please make sure that you tell us exactly which text you want to change and how much bigger you want to make it.

If you want to be specific, a quick guide to font sizes can be found at (please quote us the new size you want in pixels, e.g. '48px').