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Linnworks is a multi-channel management software which allows you to link your accounts for different marketplaces in order to manage your inventory and orders from one central location. ShopWired’s Linnworks app allows you to sync stock from Linnworks to ShopWired and have your ShopWired orders automatically export to Linnworks.

To connect your accounts you will first need to install the app. To do this select APPs > Available APPs from the menu. Find and select the Linnworks app and select INSTALL THIS APP.

• Connecting your accounts
• Stock syncing
• Order exporting

Connecting your accounts

Once you’ve installed the app you will need to connect your accounts. To connect your ShopWired and Linnworks accounts you will need to complete a 2 part process:

Part 1: Installing the ShopWired app in Linnworks

First, login to your Linnworks account. Within your Linnworks account select Apps > Application Store from the left menu:

In the search field enter shopwired. When the ShopWiredUK app appears select Install (FREE):

You will then need to complete the installation wizard. To begin this process select Accept on the ‘Third Party Integrations Disclaimer’ which appears:

Then select Next in the ‘ShopWiredUK - Installation' box:

On the next screen under ‘Select a new plan’ select Free (this is the only option) then select Install:

Once installation is complete select Yes to refresh Linnworks:

Part 2: Creating a channel integration

Once you’ve installed ShopWired’s app on Linnworks you will need to configure a channel integration within your Linnworks account.

To do this select Settings > Channel Integration from the left menu:

On the ‘Channel Integrations’ page select + Add New in the top right corner:

In the search box enter shopwired. When the ShopWired channel appears select Install Application:

You will then need to enter an account name for the channel:

This name can be anything you want, but you will probably find it most helpful to simply name it ShopWired.

Once you’ve entered a name select Next. On the next page agree to the terms & conditions:

Then select Next again.

You will then need to enter your ShopWired business ID and security token:

To access your security token open your ShopWired account in a new tab and select APPs > Linnworks from the menu. In the ‘Settings’ section select View under Security Token to make your token visible:

Copy the token, return to your Linnworks account and paste it into the ‘Security Token’ field.

Your ShopWired business ID can be found in the top banner of any page of the admin system:

Once you have entered both your security token and your business ID select Next.

The integration will then connect to your ShopWired account. This process could take a couple of minutes. A success message will appear when the integration is complete. Finally, select Finish to close the window:

Once the channel integration has been set up, ensure that it is enabled within Linnworks and that 'Inventory Sync' is also enabled:

On the app configuration page in your ShopWired account if the ‘Settings’ section still shows as ‘Not Connected’ then please refresh the page to check that the status has changed to ‘Connected’.

Stock syncing

To have stock sync from your Linnworks account to your ShopWired account you will need to:

  1. Create the product with identical SKU codes in both your Linnworks and ShopWired accounts
  2. Link the products within Linnworks by mapping them
  3. Select to sync SKUs within ShopWired

You will need to complete this process every time you create new products within ShopWired and Linnworks.

Please note!

Stock only syncs from your Linnworks account to your ShopWired account. You should use Linnworks as your main stock controller. Updating stock levels on ShopWired will not cause them to update in Linnworks.

1. Creating products with identical SKU codes

When creating a product within your ShopWired account you can enter a SKU code in the Stock & Delivery Management section:

When creating a product within your Linnworks account the SKU code should be entered as the ‘Item number’:

The SKU code in ShopWired and the item number in Linnworks must be identical. Additionally, you should ensure that the accurate stock level for the product has been entered into Linnworks.

2. Linking products through mapping

Once you have created products with matching SKUs in your ShopWired and Linnworks accounts you will need to link the products by mapping them in Linnworks.

To map your products you will need to access the ShopWired channel integration in Linnworks by selecting Settings > Channel Integration from the left menu. On the ShopWired integration select the channel mapping symbol:

A list of the products you have created on ShopWired will then appear:

Products which have been created with matching SKUs on both ShopWired and Linnworks will appear with a yellow box beside them:

If you have recently created the products, they might not yet appear in the channel mapping list. You can either wait until they do appear or you can manually ask Linnworks to retrieve the products from your ShopWired account. To do this return to the ShopWired channel integration by selecting Settings > Channel Integration from the left menu.

Select to edit the ShopWired channel integration:

In the box that opens to edit the integration, scroll to the bottom to the ‘Listings’ section. Then select Download Listings:

Please note!

Manually downloading your listings can only be completed once every 2 hours.

Once the products you would like to map appear with a yellow box in the mapping list you can map them in one of two ways:

Option 1: Mapping products individually

To map products one at a time double click on the product you want to link from the first column. It will then appear in the second column. Select the link button:

The product will then be linked.

Option 2: Mapping all eligible products at once

To map all of your eligible products at one time select the ‘gear’ icon at the top of the table:

Select Link all by > SKU:

A pop-up window will then tell you how many of your products have been linked.

3. Syncing SKUs within ShopWired

Once you have linked your products in Linnworks return to the Linnworks app configuration page within your ShopWired account (APPs > Linnworks from the menu).

In the ‘Stock Sync’ section select Sync SKUs:

Allow the app to sync SKUs. Once the sync is finished you will see a completion message:

You can then, at any point, select Download synced SKUs to download a CSV file of all of the SKU codes which have been synced between your ShopWired and Linnworks accounts.

Once you have synced your products’ SKU codes, stock will update on ShopWired when you make adjustments on Linnworks in addition to an initial update once the sync is completed.

Stock updates can take up to 15 minutes to reach your ShopWired account from the time you made the adjustment on Linnworks or the time the SKU sync completed.

Please note!

Selecting 'Sync SKUs' within the app configuration does not initiate a stock sync. It only syncs the SKUs between your accounts.

'Max listed' setting within Linnworks

For each channel integration that you create within Linnworks a 'Max listed' setting is configured which determines the maximum amount of stock that will be published to that channel. For example, let's say the max listed setting for your ShopWired channel is set to 30, and then you indicate on Linnworks that you have 40 of a specified product. '30' is still the update that will be sent to ShopWired as it is the maximum level allowed to be sent. More information about this setting can be read here on Linnworks.

This setting can be altered by you. To change the max listed setting for your ShopWired channel select Settings > Channel Integration from the left menu in your Linnworks account. Select to edit the ShopWired channel integration:

In the box that opens to edit the integration locate the 'Inventory' section. Next to 'Max listed' enter the new maximum quantity which should be sent to ShopWired:

Then select Save.

Order exporting

Once you have completed the process described in the 'Stock syncing' section of this guide, every order that your ShopWired store receives which contains a product that has a matching SKU on Linnworks will automatically be exported to Linnworks.

Within the Linnworks app configuration page on ShopWired you should configure your target dispatch time frame. In the 'Settings' section under Aim to dispatch orders within enter the number of days that you aim to dispatch orders within from the day they are received:

This setting is required to have orders be exported to Linnworks. The default is 10.

Notes about order exporting:

• Orders can take up to 15 minutes to appear on Linnworks from the time the order was received on ShopWired.

• Orders received in your ShopWired account which only contain products that have not been linked in your Linnworks account will not be exported to Linnworks.

• Once an order has been exported to Linnworks, any changes that you make to that order from within your Linnworks account (e.g. status changes or refunds) will not be synced back to ShopWired.